Saturday, 15 July 2017

Social Media a Reality Check.

Its nearly the end of the school year yay!

 I cant wait to have a break, but being an artist that's not a break from art but a break from all the admin around art that isn't actually creative. I need a few weeks away to recharge and find enthusiasm.
My email will be set to out of studio.

I work to the school year because I have kids so its easy to plan my schedule around the holidays and I love them both so much before long they will be off doing their own things and wont want to be dragged up mountains and into art galleries.

Ive not stopped since Christmas and the idea of switching off technology and looking at stuff and forgetting about timelines and notifications appeals greatly.

Ive noticed this last year that technology can really affect people watching other folks updates and over thinking is not good for the mind. we must remember behind every update is a real person just trying to show the world their best side. Its not totally real and its not totally unreal either.

Social media reflects your personality ten fold and we all have passions and view points and its shocking to find out that this person or that person doesn't totally agree with you but hey so what in the old days you wouldn't have known in the old days you wouldn't have even connected as your not in the same town or even country. But now with algorithms and matchy matchy wonder web connectivity you are brought together by friend suggestions. Don't be surprised if out of 1000 or so connections one or two go rogue.

I just do my thing and post my stuff I love that I have an eclectic mix of people to interact with but in real life I have about twenty or so actual physical people I really know who love me and I love back. In the old days this would have been just fine, I would also have had acquaintances around the town and folk Id write to occasionally by letter with a stamp. But I wouldn't have wanted to know what they were having for diner or who they were walking the dog with!

 I suppose Im lucky to be that generation that is able to embrace the new and remember the old ways too Id like everyone to enjoy a bit of the old ways chill out and stop worrying about what is not completely black and white the world that is social media.

So do what you will follow, unfollow have a break post everyday show me your dinner let me see your artwork lets have a fun time but lets not take it all so seriously its Social after all and if we do meet in the real world say hello!

My next event is The Great Dome Art Fair Buxton Next weekend see you there for Real!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Reflection,Workshop Cromford Canal on Birdswood

Yesterday I facilitated a workshop at Cromford.
 We set sail for a day of reflection on the historic canal boat Birdswood its fair to say we had four seasons in one day which perfectly illustrated the different effects the weather can have on reflections in water. 
We spent the 45 min trip up the canal sketching and observing, we then departed for half an hours walk in the rain noting ripple effects and had a leisurely trip back photographing and taking notes.

Once returned to the wharf after lunch we took our observations and used acrylic in a limited pallet to depict any part of our trip that we wanted to capture. It was very sunny and the acrylic paint struggled in the heat but we all came away with a painting and an awful lot of information to take forward for further work.
The photos explain better than I how wonderful this day was.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Anatomy of the Landscape Workshop

I've been privileged to have worked with Shottle Art Group these last two weeks as part of my Fleet Arts / Derwent Wise Project Anatomy of the Landscape. 

The first week we visited the National Stone Centre and sketched and learnt about the geology of the lower Derwent Valley and in between sessions I encouraged the group to find out more and work up those sketches in any way they felt comfortable and last night we met again and worked on the final pieces as you can see from the images below the outcomes are going to be amazing the thought each artist has given to this project is wonderful to see as the aim was to learn about and appreciate the local landscape and these artists certainly have done that. 

I loved the fact that we have collage, printing abstracts and representational work and all individual which is something I strongly encourage in my workshops nothing worse than a room full of the same thing we are all different!

Shottle Art group have an exhibition at Hazlewood St Johns Church in July please visit if you can.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Alport Sunset

Alport Sunset, 40 x 40 cm acrylic on canvas.

On the way home from a workshop the other evening I stopped off at Alport Heights and was greeted with an astounding vista of turquoise and oranges that should keep me inspired for many a future painting.

Thank you everyone who has bought paintings recently here's  a few gone to new homes.
Remeber prints are always available of all my work just contact me via my website if you would like to order some.
Take a look here

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Light Wood and Reservoir

Light Wood and Reservoir Buxton

Here is my Buxton Spa Prize entry for this year I had a great pleasure painting this one and again discovering a new part of the Buxton outskirts. this is my fourth year entering and I really love taking part.

I like that from this vantage point I could see the Corbar Cross and Solomons temple in the distance.

I am looking forward to viewing all the entries together when Purple and Grey have there networking event at The Green Man Gallery July 12th. I will miss the open night as I am delivering a workshop at the National Stone Centre. I wish all the entrants every success.

My next event is The Great Dome Art Fair Buxton July 21-23

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How I use Reference Material in my Art.

Im always asked how do I paint am I sat outside or do I work from a photograph but I think its more complicated than that.
To create my artwork it is a combination of many things, being a landscape artist involves a lot of watching of the seasons seeing the changes that the weather brings. I'm always interested in how the sky effects the colours seen on the land how the position of the sun determines the length of the shadows and the overall atmosphere of the image.
I do believe being out in the landscape will improve my work and this month sees the start of an intense month of field work.
I have been lucky to be asked to lead a couple of extremely interesting workshops the first is with Fleet Arts and Derwent Wise taking an art group to the National Stone Centre as part of their Anatomy of the Landscape Project, to work on describing the geology of the landscape of the lower Derwent Valley, by drawing and painting.

The second is a Day of Reflection a workshop on Birdswood the canal boat on Cromford Canal July 4th, there are only 8 spaces available, on this workshop I will be encouraging artists to look at reflections and learn how to describe them as we cruise the canal, and after lunch also use reflection to improve their painting by being able to look back at what we have seen and think about how to use the imagery collected to create a painting. This will certainly be a very relaxing day. Please email or call 07552 055455 to book.

 Purple and Grey have also organised two plein air trips for June one is Monsal head June 14th and the other is Trent Lock June 28th both are free and start in the car parks at 10.30 am for a day of non directed painting, drawing and photographing and of course socialising.

All this being in the landscape will help inspire new work and I may or may not use the sketches and photographs. Much of my work is based on memory especially my ink paintings which are purely from memory and use colour to describe a fleeting feeling.

Obviously my street scenes are much more based on representation but even those I change and if you place the photograph next to any of my paintings you will see the divergence. Below is a photograph I took a couple of years ago of Bakewell the first painting I did I added figures and made it a night scene and the second one that I painted as a demo piece for an art group I made more of a rainy afternoon. Obviously if you prefer photo realism this will not be for you!

My next show will be at The Great Dome Art Fair Buxton with the Peak District Artisans, on the Saturday I will be doing a demonstration about Aerial Perspective.